The Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s REPARATIONS CHALLENGE campaign raises resources in the white community to support the black-led Uhuru Movement led by the African People’s Socialist Party whose programs span continents, uniting African people in the struggle for self-reliance, liberation, economic development and self-determination.
Make your New Year’s resolution to build material solidarity for Black power! Come to our open meetings Sundays at 2PM EST so you can learn more about the Reparations Challenge and get great ideas for hosting one of your own!

Solidarity, Not Charity

“The highest expression of unity from the white oppressor
nation population with the struggle of African people for
liberation is material solidarity” — Chairman Omali Yeshitela

Black Star Industries is building a liberated African economy,
not one built on slavery, genocide, and endless war against
oppressed people!

Building the culture of reparations to African people