What is the Reparations Challenge?

The Reparations Challenge is a tool of the people! A revolutionary way to transfer the violently stolen resources hoarded in our white communities into the hands of Working-class African community leadership.Get updates from others doing the reparations challenge and learn more about how it works this Sunday at 1pm! Contact us for call-in details

Posted by Connor Voss on Thursday, July 6, 2017

All funds raised from the Reparations Challenge campaign go to Black Star Industries, building economic development and commerce for and between African people worldwide. The educational, agricultural, food, and healthcare programs of Black Star Industries are tied to the worldwide struggle of African people to have the means to feed, clothe, house, defend, and govern themselves as a free people. The Reparations Challenge is a campaign of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement to generate a discussion in the white community about building a movement for reparations to African people for centuries of slavery and genocide that continues today.

Uhuru Solidarity Movement is the mass organization of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, a revolutionary organization of white people created by and working directly under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, the organization working to unite and liberate African people. The Reparations Challenge is the cornerstone of our work, answering the call from the African Liberation Movement to stand in material solidarity with Black Power by going into the white community and raising reparations to support the struggles of Black people for independent political power over their lives.

USM is building a mass movement to be able to target parasitic corporations and universities for the billions of dollars owed by them to African people. The Reparations Challenge is a way for individual white people to take personal responsibility for our historic role as oppressors, and acknowledge our complicity in building and maintaining a system founded on slavery and genocide, a system that relies on the continued exploitation of African and oppressed people.

It’s a recognition of the objective reality that allows the white community to hold 22 times the wealth of African people in the United States; that allows us to profit from a prison population that is 50% African, despite African people being only 12% of the U.S. population; that requires Africans to die in order for us to live our white lifestyle. True unity can only be found by white people rectifying this parasitic colonial relationship we have to African people and the rest of the world.

Reparations is a positive vision for white people to join humanity by returning all the stolen resources that have benefited us for hundreds of years at the expense of African people.